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In response to market-driven need for speed and cost, BauHaus assists organizations to develop facilities strategies and masterplans, to provide approved architectural design for scale and economies of scale, and to unite with partner builders to produce and deliver factory-built, modular or panelized healthcare, education, or civic residential communities.


BauHaus has focused our attention, our energies, and our priorities on supporting our communities to build scale at economies of scale.

Healthcare   |   Multi-Family   |   Education   |   Emergency Interim

Factory-Built Healthcare Facilities

BauHaus has expertise in defining healthcare facility strategies across multi-sites and multi-years and has expertise to do this with design-build partners to prototype design and to partner with innovative factory-built construction firms.  


Medical Office Buildings
  • Modular clinic for examination, testing, and triage of patients, to include facility planning for patients who may have contracted COVID-19
  • Outpatient, ambulatory clinics that can be co-located adjacent to Hospital ER
  • Non-OSHPD facility, non-Hospital facilities
Nursing Home Facilities
  • Modular clinic for patients, to include accommodation for those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Self-contained facility and serve as a negative pressure room
  • Easily includes built-ins for each modular unit to provide water, electricity, and sewage

Factory-Built Multi-Family Facilities

BauHaus partners with both start-up modular firms of 200 persons for speed and agility to large pre-manufacturing factories with over 2,000 persons for provision of mass large-scale demand.


Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Incorporates space design for COVID-19 triage and isolation
  • Accommodates flexibility to increase or decrease bed density respective to public health social distancing guidelines
  • Encompasses community integration as an integral key must-have with core partners in private, public, and non-profit organizations
Affordable Housing
  • Design and aesthetics is indistinguishable from market rate properties
  • Factory-built structures can serve the community 50+ years as life span is same as site-built structures
  • Ability to build in healthcare clinic or childcare facility component onsite

Factory-Built Education Facilities

We are committed to assisting our communities to rapidly deploy educational facilities to accommodate for social distancing capabilities and for COVID-19 triage and isolation.


Temporary Educational Modulars
  • Relocatable and reusable; ready to deploy in 30 to 60 days
  • Installed on engineered concrete or metal pier foundation system several feet above the ground
  • Seismically-anchored for earthquake protection
Permanent Educational Facilities
  • Structure may be customized to connect seamlessly to existing structures; ready to deploy in 4 months pending permits
  • Installed on a fully-engineered permanent foundation at grade level with an excavated crawl space
  • Pre-fabricated buildings may be modular or panelized either one-story or multiple stories up to 5 floors

Factory-Built Emergency Interim Facilities

Meeting health and safety needs of communities can be accomplished with quick-to-deploy facilities. BauHaus delivers flexible, high-quality structures that provide dignity and security for occupants.


Homeless Surge Volumes
  • Serve as a plug and play option in 30-60 days
  • Can be installed on parking lots or on campgrounds
  • Accommodates direct connection or built-ins for each unit to have water, electricity, and sewage
Temporary Hospital Flex Space
  • Serve as hospital overflow capacity
  • Integrates COVID-19 triage design
  • Incorporates option for COVID-19 isolation negative pressure rooms


BauHaus executes with a team of collaborators, each proven, tenured pioneers in their respective deep-dive expertise. We are all united on a strategic vision to provide a purpose, grounded in a position in society, at a place in time.

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  • Create Masterplans for multi-sites across City, County, or State
  • Develop facilities strategies multi-years across multi-sites
Architects and developers reviewing plans


  • Customize organizational model for scale
  • Shepherd plan approval at State-Level
Modular units under construction in a factory


  • Partner with builders with over 200 people to over 2000
  • Factory-built housing either modular or panelized
Crane lifting modular walls into place


  • Create waterfall execution between short, medium, and long term
  • Stage delivery and operational go-live between transitional to permanent


BauHaus integrates people, process, and technology to focus on the value-proposition of how we build, not what we build. Market-driven demand for speed and cost-effectiveness mobilizes the way we innovate.

The industry is adopting new, lighter-weight materials as well as digital technologies that enhance design capabilities and variability, improve precision and productivity in manufacturing, and facilitate logistics.”

Recent modular projects have already established a solid track record of accelerating project timelines by 20 to 50 percent.

20 to

faster than conventional construction


We are ready to work with you to meet your organizational demand for increased bed capacity or factory-built communities at scale with economies of scale in healthcare, in education, or in civic residential. Whether you are a hospital administrator, government official, or business leader, we can help.

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